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Did you run into legal trouble while on the road? If you’re charged with a DWI in Richmond, VA, the most important move you can make is to partner with a diligent DWI defense attorney. Andrew C. Catherman, Attorney & Counselor at Law is a DWI attorney with the firm Throop Law who’ll defend you in court. Seek the counsel of an experienced DWI lawyer to improve your chances of receiving a reduced charge.

What are the possible penalties of a DWI conviction?

When you’re slapped with a DWI or DUI charge, you could face serious penalties. Here are examples of the consequences that could derail your future:

  1. First-time DUI offenses: Five days in jail, $250 fine and one-year license suspension
  2. Second-time DUI offense within five years: 20 to 30 days in jail, $500 fine and three-year license suspension
  3. Three or more offenses within 10 years: Felony charge, up to five years in prison and a $2,500 fine

If you’re worried about your future after a DWI charge, Andrew C. Catherman, Attorney & Counselor at Law with the firm Throop Law can provide you with a diligent defense. Don’t delay after a DWI charge—contact a DWI attorney as soon as possible.

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